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Solar for the Home

Save With Solar
You can dramatically reduce you electricity bills by installing a Solar PV system on your home. Carbon Footie can help you assess what size Solar System you require based on your homes consumption. Your Solar System will take advantage of Perth’s sunny climate by not only helping to save the environment by decreasing your carbon footprint but by putting money back into your pocket!

How Can I Harvest The Sun?

To measure the output of solar panels we use the measurement kilowatt hours (kWh). The amount of electricity generated in your home is dependent upon the solar panels length of exposure to the sun. For the more mathematically and technically inclined, you may want to read about Insolation. This is not to be confused with insulation which is used for your roof.

Insolation specifies the amount of solar radiation in a specific time frame (usually a day) on a square meter. Perth has an average of 5.5 and 6.5 solar peak hours per day. Compare this number to only 4 hours a day in sunny Spain and 2.5 hours in Germany which is one of the leading Solar countries in the world! Perth provides a good base for generating solar power and this is probably one of the reasons why it’s part of the government’s solar city program.

The installation of a solar power system involves a lot of technical equipment (see “How Does A Solar Power System Work?”) and to generate a profit after these costs will take some time. Luckily, the government created an incentive system to help people afford the installation a solar system.

Getting Solar Power For My House

We hope that all of the information provided on solar power systems has led you to ask the following questions:

• “Can I use solar power on top of my house?”
• “How much can I save on my electricity bill with solar panels here in Perth?”
• “How long does it take to get a Solar Power System installed for me?”
• “What is the total cost and when will it pay off?”

These are specific and individual questions, there are no general answers as every one of our clients have unique circumstances; like the position of the house, the construction and direction of the roof, the individual demand of electronic household devices and so on.

There are a lot of factors to be considered and as a professional company we don’t want to give you an “out of the blue” quote which, in the end, does not meet your needs. That is why we prefer to meet our clients face to face where we can discuss all of your needs, wants and desires whilst building a long-term relationship.

To arrange a free and no-obligation contact meeting at a time that will suit you please Contact Us.

How Much Power Do I Need?

The size of the solar power system needed is determined according to the supply of your daily power consumption. Carbon Footie presents the following list with approximate values on normal household applications. Solar System Power Size Household Electrical Needs:

0.45kw - All your lights, TV, DVD player and sound system
0.9kw - All the above uses plus your fridge and computer
1.5kw - All the above needs plus typical items found in an 3 bedroom home except air conditioning.
2.25kw - All the above needs plus typical items found in an 4 bedroom home except air conditioning.
3kw - Complete solar self-sufficiency, including standard use of air conditioning.

Disclaimer All values presented here are estimates or average values. They will not cover your actual electricity usage, as this depends on the brand and make of your household appliances. To get a correct measurement of your daily consumption please Contact Us for further information.