Privacy policy

Carbon Footie understands the importance of privacy.

Information that is collected by Carbon Footie is handled under the guide lines of the Ten National Privacy Principles (Australia).

1. Collection of Information

Carbon Footie will not collect personal information unless the information is necessary for one or more of its functions. Information is collected in a lawful, fair manner, and collection of information will not be unreasonably obtrusive. Information is only collected as necessary to Carbon Footie's functions.

2. Use of Information

Information that is collected will be used only for the purpose that it was collected for. Carbon Footie will not disclose personal information without Your consent, unless this disclosure is directly related to the reason for the collection of information.

3. Accuracy of Information

Carbon Footie have processes in place to ensure data accuracy. If an error or omission is identified by You or Carbon Footie, Carbon Footie will take steps to ensure that information is corrected.

4. Security of InformationYour information

Your information will be handled in a secure manner. Systems and processes are in place to ensure that there is no misuse or unauthorised access to your information.

5. Accessible and Open Privacy Policy

This policy is made available to all Carbon Footie employees, Customers and to the General Public. Where requested, You are entitled to know what general information Carbon Footie hold on Your record, why Your information is being held, and details of how Your information is collected, held, used and disclosed.

6. Access to Your Information

You are entitled to access Your personal information at no charge to you.

7. Government Identifiers

Government Identifiers are only used for the explicit purposes of that information – such as using a Tax File Number to comply with the requirements of the Australian Tax Office. Government Identifiers will not be used for Carbon Footie's own purposes.

8. Anonymity

Where there are no legal or practical limitations, a person may deal with the company anonymously.

9. International Transfer of Information

If Your information is transferred outside of Australia, Your information will be handled in accordance with this privacy policy, and of the Australian National Privacy Principles. Information will not be transferred to a country that does not have similar Privacy Laws to Australia.

10. Sensitive Information

Carbon Footie will not collect information relating to an individual's ethnic origin, political affiliation, religion, memberships of professional associations, sexual preferences and practices, criminal record or medical history. Exceptions apply to this where an individual consents to the collection of this information, or where necessary to protect an individual who is unable to communicate their consent.