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Your First choice in Solar Systems

Solar power systems are a great way to reduce your household or business power bills. Contact us for more information on how we can support your needs.

Looking for more information feel free to review our site and make an informed choice in your solar needs.

Residental, Commercial and Industrial Packages.

We understand that each building is different and its energy needs are unique.

So how do you make that all important decision on what you need? That’s where our job starts. We are here to help you find the answer to your Solar Solution.

A solar system will provide your home, business or factory with clean, free energy, allowing you to enjoy your essentials such as air-conditioning without having to worry about your power bill.

However, purchasing a Solar System can be a confusing process. Carbon Footie aim to take the confusion out of purchasing a solar system and provide you with the best sized solar system for your needs.
Our customers have hundreds of questions and there is a lot of confusion surrounding Solar. Our team can clear up the confusion and assist you in making the informed decision about your needs.


Why solar energy?

Solar Electricity systems are an investment and commitment to a green future. This is a future dedicated to lower emissions, cleaner energy and lower energy costs


Solar Electricity

Free Power from the Sun

You can dramatically reduce you electricity bills by installing a Solar PV system on your home. Your Solar System will take advantage of Perth's sunny climate by helping to save the environment but also by putting money back into your pocket!

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Solar Hot Water

Hot Water from the Sun

The best part about making the switch to solar hot water technologies are the incredible savings! On average families using solar hot water systems are saving approximately $300.00 to $500.00 per year!

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LED Lighting Solutions

Energy Efficient Lights

At Carbon Footie we provide professional impartial advice on all questions relating to latest technology LED lighting systems. Our goal is to provide flexible, affordable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each of our customers.

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Commercial Solar

Scalable Solutions

Solar Electricity systems for your Commercial Infrastructure are an investment and commitment to a green future. This is a future dedicated to lower emissions, cleaner energy, and as a direct benefit of lower energy costs.

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Carbon Footie carry out their Energy Reviews in respect to AS/NZ Standard 3598:2000 (Energy Audit guide lines), with alignment to the standards of a Level 2 Energy Audit.


Carbon Footie’s Solar and Energy Efficiency Team are committed to providing your Home or Business with Innovative World Class Energy Saving Solutions to reduce both your carbon footprint and minimize your operational energy costs.


Carbon Footie’s environmental team have a wealth of knowledge and experience across a range of trades and industries. This gives Carbon Footie a unique position to be a leader in providing environmentally friendly products, services and solutions.